Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM): Explained

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Brokers in the real estate industry understand that property owners prefer those professionals who have advanced certifications. Made up of over one million members, the National Association of Real Estate (NAR) encompasses every component of the real estate world. NAR also provides access to courses, seminars, and training programs within their various institutes, councils, and societies. 

Among many others, organizations involved with NAR include:

Many Cushman & Wakefield | Commercial Kentucky brokers are members of The Society of Industrial and Office Realtors® (SIOR) and/or Certified Commercial Investment Members (CCIM)

CCIM Designation

CCIM centers on commercial real estate, which includes apartment buildings, offices, hotels, retail/restaurants, and industrial buildings. 

Real estate brokers with a Certified Commercial Investment Members designation have achieved the membership through various courses related to negotiation, ethics, as well as financial, market, and investment analysis. In addition to the coursework, brokers have substantial proven experience in the real estate industry. 

CCIM experts have greater credibility in the marketplace. Additionally, they are able to close more deals and assist clients in risk analysis allowing them to make the most informed decisions.

Any professional in the commercial real estate industry who has at least two years of experience is eligible to apply for a CCIM designation. Examples include brokers, lenders, leasing agents, appraisers, developers, attorneys, and bankers. 

Once a broker receives the CCIM designation, they are considered a leading commercial real estate expert.


Is CCIM Worth It?

Commercial real estate professionals will certainly benefit from a CCIM designation.

Dedicating time and effort into the courses provided is extremely valuable to any commercial real estate practice. Members of the institute will learn essential tools, tips, and strategies to effectively enhance their work.

Once they are a member of the institute, professionals have access to a variety of meetings and programs, making a CCIM designation an outstanding networking opportunity.

Finally, a CCIM certification adds a higher value of credibility to any broker or lender’s profile. The title enforces a sense of respect and expertise in the industry. For example, investors and property owners will see a CCIM as experienced and seasoned in the industry, leading to a successful transaction.

CCIM in Kentucky

As a global institute, CCIM has over 50 chapters around the world. The Kentucky CCIM chapter was founded in 1970 by Frank F. Weisberg – the first CCIM designation in the state.

Brent Dolen is the immediate Past President of the Kentucky chapter of Certified Commercial Investment Members. Not only will our brokers have expertise in the real estate industry, but also  specific commercial markets within Kentucky and Southern Indiana. Contact Cushman & Wakefield | Commercial Kentucky to get in touch with a CCIM broker.

Why Cushman & Wakefield  l  Commercial Kentucky?

Cushman & Wakefield | Commercial Kentucky knows real estate. We know the latest trends and market data and we employ the most effective negotiating strategies. But what sets us apart is our dedication to improving your competitive advantage – from reducing operational costs and managing risk, to making your workforce more engaged and productive. We are always forward-thinking. Call us to see what we can do for your bottom line.