Greg Charmoli named Louisville Business First’s One of Twenty Real Estate People to Know


Greg Charmoli
Industrial real estate adviser, Cushman & Wakefield/Commercial Kentucky Inc.

Years in current job: 16

Years in real estate: 16

Education: Bachelor’s degree in marketing, Western Kentucky University

Favorite pastime outside the office: Spending time with his kids

Favorite movie or TV show:“A Few Good Men,” “Breaking Bad,” “24”

Community service: Junior Achievement of Kentuckiana , Habitat for Humanity , Woodmont Homeowners Association

Type of car he drives: 2007 Lexus ES 350

What energizes him:“People who respect and value my opinions and expertise.”

Why did you choose your line of work? He watched his father have success in the business for a long time. “I felt like he would be a perfect mentor for me,” as he began his professional career in the same line of work.

How do you use technology in relation to your work? “I probably use it most to search the market for property information, company/industry research, communication and marketing. We have the ability to provide an existing or potential client information within a matter of minutes that would have taken days 10 to 15 years ago.”

What regulatory requirement or process is most daunting in your work? “Continuing education is a requirement that we must fulfill annually in order for our license to remain in active status. I’m licensed in both Kentucky and Indiana, so I have to fulfill this requirement for both states. I wouldn’t say it’s daunting, but it’s certainly time consuming, boring and nonprofitable.”

What is your favorite style of architecture/design for homes or office buildings? “From a commercial perspective, I like seeing adaptive re-use projects that promote sleek
and efficient concepts, materials and technology into an old multistory building or warehouse.”

What advice would you give to someone who wants to build a career similar to yours? “Learn not to get discouraged by the word ‘no’ because it’s the answer you’ll most often hear as you work to develop leads, forge new business relationships and, ultimately, sell real estate.”

Describe an experience with a client that was very gratifying to you. “Through a cold call, I was able to forge a relationship with a company that had a multifaceted need to streamline their operations. I was able to help them sell two existing facilities and purchase a state-of-the-art headquarters facility. The personal success and accomplishment were very rewarding, but what made it most gratifying was forging such a great relationship with the principals of the organization who I now consider friends.”

What do you wish more people understood about the way your business operates? “Time is truly money for us. In a profession that is 100-percent commission, there is no
payday when deals don’t happen. There are times when a lot of our time and effort is uncompensated. Therefore, our motivation is to always find a way to achieve success for our clients. Being able to gauge probability of success is a virtue as you choose where and how to spend your time and effort.”

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