The Difference Between A Listing Agent And A Tenant Representative

If you are venturing into the process of purchasing a commercial office or retail property, we highly suggest to hire a professional to help you. Having an expert or broker,  with industry knowledge will ensure that you get a better negotiation on your lease, and that you are getting the rate your space deserves. In commercial real estate, there are two types of professionals we recommend.


A listing agent is a real estate professional whose main duty is to represent the landlord or property owner. Their goal is to obtain the highest value of rent/sale price with the lowest amount of risk. Listing agents will debate prices with the interest of the landlord using their bank of market expertise and knowledge.

A tenant representative is another professional that will help you purchase/lease a commercial property. Tenant representatives will help you pinpoint the best locations by negotiating prices with the landlord to help you get the best deal. You would not need to pay a tenant representative for their services, but instead they will split their share of the commission with the listing agent. It is best practice to hire a tenant representative, especially if you do not fully understand market conditions. 

It is highly encouraged to hire a professional with extensive knowledge and negotiation experience. When you do, you will end up with a better price on the property you are buying/selling/renting/leasing. Having a professional, whether a listing agent or a tenant representative, will be a massive benefit in the process of purchasing commercial real estate. 

If you would like to speak to a broker at  Cushman & Wakefield | Commercial Kentucky  we would be happy to answer any commercial real estate questions you had. 


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